Artistic Space Series: Restaurant

Arcano Restaurant

Arcano is located in Via San Martino 12 in Nizza Monferrato. This Italian restaurant designed by Alessandro Marchelli is reminiscent of the magnificent ancient city of Pompeii.

The design concept lies in the idea to bring back the past civilization of Pompeii in our time, revive the ancient art, culture, the elegance of that period in a multisensory atmosphere, but at the same time create emotions that develop in every step of the restaurant. The interiors are marked by a perfect blend of visual simplicity and luxury. Spaces were conceived through semiotic analysis which requires a careful study of vision, colour and curve, so that Alessandro Marchelli can give form and shaping through his planning, imagination, and creativity. Classical frescos are used to enhance the Pompeian style, and the atmosphere is cosy with lights of “Airblow” designed by Alessandro Marchelli.

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