Stilnovo “wellness mind design hair”

… Enjoy the “SLOW of the MOMENT” starts from an idea and a project …, evolved … was shaped … has taken shape … it is modeled as a chimera that is become a reality, but the “moment” does not stop, it expands, combines, materializes, it blends with the well-being of mind and body; It turns into “A dream … The Essence”

An anthology of materials in the silence of absolute white, marked by a deafening vibration image suggestions, utopias, synthesis, logic, and lifeblood. A unique and constantly different as the Northern Lights that comes with the lights dancing in the sky when melting, in the form of light veils carried by the breath of those who perceive it in a tangle of blue vapor, orange, purple, green and red
light that excites, that creates light, the light that “love” is always different, but intense and sensorial, as an “Ariadne’s thread” that moves in this labyrinth of spaces, finding at every step a new emotion; a different location, but in the single same time

Photographer Daniele Ferrero