V. House … overwhelming movement

An overwhelming movement of flows that blend into a dizzying sense of the volumes perceptions, combined with a clean understanding of light that hides appearing in its majestic strength, which is the trait to express itself on the “canvas of the existing fabric”, redesigning the new architectural dress. A work created as a freeform project abandoning the senses, lulled into a dream of forms and atmospheres; freeing your mind and spreading the perception of colors and emotions

The living becomes the nest of life creating forms of a warm embrace. The soft curves that wrap the environment, are the background synonymous identical to the movement of white silk that caresses a stylish female body touched by a light breeze, bringing with it the feeling of purity

The resin flooring is a body of water that receives and reflects the essence of life, thrilling the senses as the calm sea at dawn colored in a caress of suggestions that propagate in space as the vibration of a light echo turn on the love for life, fire of wellness and relaxation.

The vibrating waves, the passage between the living and sleeping area, chasing each other decomposed, dematerializing gently on the horizon, focusing light beams in a delicate pas de deux getting audaciously light surface with walls that change naturally shaping up in warm tones of corten, heating up the atmosphere in an antique-modern whirl.

In a deafening roar of silence, the sleeping area is steeped in shades of white, from glossy to opaque spatula framing of mirrors, curtains and lights the emphasis of a blue totally relaxed, on the wall similar to the water waves generating unique thrill love.

Photographer Adriano Pecchio