Photographer Daniele Ferrero

Alessandro Marchelli

Interior Architect & Designer, Art Director and consultant for the public and private sector, specialized in Brand Vision, Concepts Design for Home + Hotel & SPA / Wellness

Born in 1964, Alessandro Marchelli has always shown unconventional creative flair, curiosity for his surroundings, eagerness to know, to learn and to develop his talent.

In 1970 he started a course of studies that took him from Piedmont to the Academie d’Architecture Interieure de Design (AIA) in France, followed by an Advanced Training Course in New Entertainment Design at Milano Poli.Design.

In 1990 he founded AM+D, an international firm in continuous progress focused on sensory interior architecture and creative experimental design, and has been its artistic director since.

AM+D Studio’s Philosophy:

A M and his dynamic team create environments, situations and moods at times  provocatively inspired in contrast with the outside world, not for the sake of the inverse, but in order to induce new long lasting sensations and emotions.
In all his work, whether design (interior, contract, industrial, exhibit), graphics or communication, the “sensory apology” is clearly evident. It is a design concept which AM wishes to bring to people’s heart, sight and mind through the actual drawing and the idea behind it.
AM introduces a new perspective focusing on the senses , free from traditional “limits”, calculated to simplify gestures and aimed at “enhancing sensations”.
AM+D’s design, which is characterized by a rounded enveloping style, shapes and defines every single form always in search of the wonder of today’s world where marvel and  convenience merge.
Over the years AM has been responsible for interior design and fitting projects both for contracts and home, as well as designer items for major companies. His works appear in articles in national and international magazines and books dealing with the field of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design.
Study and pursuit of perfection are essential requirements of the philosophy of AM+; they are the basis for innovative solutions and space creation which can inform passions with their charm and uniqueness and shape the environment in an inventive fashion. The need to highlight each and every project to provide maximum comfort and easy usage together with a new personalized aesthetic quality remains a constant priority.

Translating imagination into reality …

… this is our art and our way of thinking


ADI : Associazione Italiana del Disegno Industriale / Designers

AIPI : Associazione Italiana Progettisti d’ Interni / Interior Designers

QUALITAID UE: Architecte d ‘Intérieur / Designers

IFI : International Federation of Interior Architect / Designers

BEDA : Bureau of European Designers Associations

ECIA : European Council of Interior Architects