Artistic Space Series: Medical Center

Medical Center Europe

Name of Project / 项目名称:
“CPN” – Multi Medical Center
Location / 地点:
Asti, Italy
Completion Date / 竣工时间:
Interior Design / 室内设计:
Alessandro Marchelli
Photography / 摄影:
Adriano Pecchio
Client / 客户:
Dott. Carlo Orione


This space is facing five medical specialties: diabetes, psychiatry, natural medicine, pediatrics and cardiology.
To characterize and distinguish each study, they used only specific “spots” of colour, all in the same key lighting background with the use of coloured LEDs, being carried out
in blue, red, green, yellow, orange, amber. On the Floor, a wood parquet doussiè runs along the 200m2. The bathroom for the public was completely covered in black porcelain
and the sinks are made of oxidized iron, bent and treated with crystalline resin, while the valves, bent double “s” and positioned at a height of 2m2.

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