ARCANO “Restaurant Design”

The result of the development of an idea to bring back the past civilization “Pompeian” in our time, reliving the ancient art, the culture, the elegance of that period in a “multi-sensory” atmosphere, unique, emotional, futuristic, but at the same time maintaining the emotional charge of a historic framework revisited in the third millennium.
A “semiotic” space – from the greek “semeion”, (the general discipline that studies all types of sign, be it linguistic, visual, gestural, color or curve) – that shapes every distinguishing element of “Focus.”

The multisensory gallery path invaded by multitudes of silent feelings beats in the din of silence and realistic imagination
Mysterium room: a place muffled, sounds and life Pompeian frescoes embedded in the “rock” walls “to put on the virgin”
Hall of Lights: a privee, including pillows and fabrics, illuminated by light beams
Convivium room: a room always on the move, gather and cheer … four, eight, twelve, sixteen, etc.

The brand “ARCANO pizza lounge and restaurant design” is copyright by A.D. Carlo Marchelli

Photographer Daniele Ferrero