Casa Dova … emotion in the old town

A historic center, a pedestrian street, a building of the ‘700, stones, courtyard, railing homes … this is “House DOVA” that turns, while maintaining the architectural structure, characterized by a mixture of emotions.

An entrance hallway, austere and without personality, has been turned into a “sensory” path, built on the basis of latent provocation of suggestions. Stirring, in a setting almost aseptic, muffled, disturbing, by deliberately irregular shapes, a whirlwind of memories, thoughts, gestures, perhaps forgotten, but always present. Playing, taking almost around the eye, with the light that enlightens, but not by landmarks. Shaping, with innovative materials, technologically perfect and perfectly integrated, images of an “ancient” city

The stairs back to their natural beauty. Highlighting the original stone. Floors that come to life in the warm colors of the oxidized bronze, the rehabilitated masonry that regain their splendor with special effects that have disappeared workings. cross vaults of a time that found the light. New ceilings that seem to arise from nothing remains hanging in the air stairs, wrapped in mystery that tiny embarrassment of molded and shaped curves with light beams to support the desire, making the atmosphere even more spectacular.

Photographers Rino Duino & Michele Rubino